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>> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. i urge the senate to confirm them as soon as possible. >> that may be easier said than done as barack obama names the man he wants to run the cia. cleaning up the mortgage massive 2000 aid. u.s. banks agreed to settle billions of dollars worth of compensation claims. challenging china's new leadership, a journalist protest over censorship in her rare public display of dissent. -- in a rare public display of dissent. the u.s. president has nominated two key allies to top jobs in his new administration. chuck hagel will become the first former soldier to hold the post of secretary of defense. john brennan would become the new head of cia. both appointments have to be approved by the u.s. senate. nominations have already caused controversy. >> president obama is putting the finishing touches to his national security team. introducing the man he wants to lead the pentagon and cia. >> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. i urge the senate to confirm them as soon as possibl
on the executive branch's authority to transfer detainees to a foreign country. president obama says he signed the ndaa's renewal despite his objections to the guantanamo provisions. in a signing statement, he said the president has constitutional power to override these restrictions. he made a similar kind any signed last year's version of the bill, but still not delivered on promises to close guantanamo. it was four years ago this month, just after his first inauguration in 2009, the president obama vowed to close the prison no more than a year later. >> in order to affect the proper disposition of individuals currently detained by the department of defense at guantanamo, and promptly to close the detention facility at guantanamo consistent with a national-security and foreign- policy interests of the united states and interest of justice, i hereby order. we then provide the process whereby at guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> four years later, 166 and remain locked up at the prison, 86 of them have been cleared for release. this week marks the 11th anniversary of
. whether barack obama will harm the country in pure pursuit of his ideological agenda. warming up in the bullpen as >> bill: interest is a chance president obama will press his ad vantage after being reelected and try to take the country as far as left he can if the president democrats go for tax increases on businesses and affluent all hell is going to break loose and folks are going to get hurt. everybody knows that with us is juan williams and mary katharineham. if you were advising the president take look what we got and look at reform in entitlements, that's what you would say to him, wouldn't you. >> he has got to look at reforming entitlements. that's part of the legacy is he trying to build, bill. i think it's very important for him to look at spending at part of this package. but let me just tell you, i don't care he is an idealogue. i don't think he is any far left winger as you apparently do. i think? this guy is a brag pragmatist. he has won two majorities of the american people and you don't do that if you are far left or far right in this country. >> bill: i don't kn
matthews in washington. let me start tonight with president obama, this country's commander in chief. start with that fact, will you? it's his job to defend this country. and he's done a pretty good job of doing it, don't you think? well, the commander in chief said today he wants a former vietnam enlisted guy to be his secretary of defense, a guy who can't walk through an airport metal detector and not get reminded of the shrapnel he took in that sad but heroic american war. the president wants chuck hagel in that post because he thinks like him and has proven he's got the brains to protect this country. hagel long ago proved he's got the heart. don't you think? i don't hate the people trying to stop the president from picking this guy for the job he needs done at the pentagon, but i do recognize their tactics. they're the same ones they used to push the war in iraq. they say they don't like something he said, hagel did, 14 years ago about a gay man being put up for ambassador. i don't like it either, but, a, it was 14 years ago, and, b, i don't think it's got anything to do with why the h
." >> good evening. let me start tonight with president obama. this country's commander in chief. start with that fact, will you? he's done a pretty good job of doing it, don't you think? well, the commander in chief said today he wants a former veelt nam enlisted guy to be his secretary of defense. a guy who can't walk through the airport metal detector and not get reminded of the shrapnel he took. the president wants chuck hagel to be in that position. hagel long ago proved he's got the harlt. i do recognize their tactics. they're the same ones they used to push the war in iraq. they say they don't like something he said, hagel did, 14 years ago about a gay man being put up for ambassador. i don't like it either, but, a, it was 14 years ago, and, b, i don't think it's got anything to do with why the hawks are opposing him. since when is the right wing of this country so caring for gay rights? as bill clinton would say, give me a break. and this isn't about israel's security any more than it's about ours. the right wants a hawk at defense for all occasions. someone with an itchy trigge
, president obama and karzai will support who will support the soldiers. karzai was u.s. soldiers out of this country's villages. afghans have taken over security for nearly 90% of the military. in some areas, they were far from ready. on the agenda this week will be progress in talks with the taliban. insurgents will be sent a warning. if karzai and the kabul regime agree with the presence of a single american soldier, they will also be a responsible for future hostilities, casualties, and destruction. some hoped the meeting will mean troops will pack up and head home sooner. that might help the peace process. >> if international troops withdraw from the country, the jihad against international invaders will be totally or more than 90% over. >> this meeting will influence the number of soldiers president obama is willing to send home and the number president karzai is willing to tolerate. this has changed into a war of counterterrorism. the interest of afghanistan and america will not be easily disentangled. across the country, u.s. bases are disappearing. this week's meeting will he
dangerous country. this is president obama's choice, it's not who i would prefer to see as secretary of defense. >> now even before president obama made the announcement, a handful of republicans came out strongly against hagel. >> he's profoundly wrong on a number of the most important national security issues that face our country today like denying iran nuclear weapons, like direct face to face negotiations with state department designated terrorists organizations like hamas, and calming into question our commitment to our principleal l ally in the middle east, israel. >>> trying to not just score board win after a couple of losses, including the fiscal cliff deal. this fight already looks like a campaign, complete with ads. >> president obama, for secretary of defense chuck hagel is not a responsibility option. >> the same group that put out that ad, the emergency committee for israel, bought the domain name chuck and using it to raise questions about the nomination. he's defenders in the meantime have formed their own groups. and the most powerful will not get involved
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arguing at least hiking taxes on the rich, is the country changing more barack obama's way? >> i think it is changing to this extent, that is that people do not realize, and unfortunately the republicans did not rebut what the period said when he said things like the rich are not paying their full share, as we pointed out they are paying more than their share, but nobody pointed out the facts on the other side. there is one big difference between the two presidents, that is ronald reagan always toi td e truth. neil: you have to wonder with a president who is set on not going far in spending cuts, and ascertaining more tax hikes, what the environment will be like in washington, especially with a lot of republicans they seem to be running scad. >> that is where just as mayor giuliani said, the republicans should not run scared, they should tell the truth, and get the facts out to the people. >> jim: but they are not doing it. >> they are not doing it. maybe the mainstream media is ignoring them, this is a simple message, if you want to government to grow at the rate it is growing, and yo
with president obama who vowed this time it would be different. this time as a country we would react. over this weekend possible pieces of legislation were leaked. in addition to banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines, the proposal would require universal background checks for all gun sales create a national unified database, and stiffen the penalties for carrying guns near schools or giving them to minors. despite the fact that no one has talked about taking anyone's gun away ever, ever, and with the tragedy at newtown fading from consciousness, they're fighting back. >> it was horrible to see what happened there. to see 20 children, six adults murdered, but within minutes we saw politicians run out and try to exploit the tragedy try to push their political agenda of gun control. i do not support their gun control agenda for two reasons. number one it's unconstitution. >> john: and the nra would never exploit a gun tragedy. with me know is john rosenthal co-founder of stop handgun violence and wrote "common sense about kids & guns." thank you for coming on with us tonight. tha
. now, few americans have dedicated more time to this country and general mcchrystal served throughout six generals and i will ask each and every president, including president obama, and the unexpected moment came in the wake of an interview with rolling stone, magazine in which the general and his staff appeared to criticize vice-president biden and other white house officials. later tonight we will revisit that highly controversial interview and set the record straight the events surrounding his activity duty. first we welcome the studio audience author of the brand new memoir "my share of the task" retired u.s. army general stanley mcchrystal. [applause] >> it's an honor to see you. thank you so much for coming. >> sean: first of all, i've got to start, this book i could not put down and more importantly, i look at your life over the three decades, you dedicate your life to the service of your country. it's an amazing -- it is an amazing sacrifice. you go into the details about it. it's hard on our servicemen and women. >> it's amazing that i could have three decades and service a
country. what was the meeting with president obama like in the oval office? >> well, first off, when you wake up and you have something very unexpected arise because it's a controversy that you don't believe has merit, but it's a controversy. when a controversy arises, that puts my commander, my commander-in-chief, that's who i work for, that puts my commander-in-chief in a difficult position and that's not my job. my responsibility is to support the mission, the soldiers who work for me and my commander-in-chief. as soon as i saw the controversy was going to reach the levels it did, i was confident at least i need today offer my resignation. >> sean: if he would have asked you to stay, would you have? >> i told president obama that day i would do whatever was best for the mission. i would be happy to go back and continue to command or if he decided to accept my resignation, in fact, i would move out. >> sean: and you voted for him in 2008. this happened in 2010. may i ask you did you vote for him in 2012. >> i'm a private citizen and i'll keep that to myself. >> sean: you're going to ke
obama made clear just how important this nomination is for the country. >> my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people. >> reporter: chuck hagel knows the horrors of war firsthand. at 21, a poor kid from nebraska, he volunteered to go to vietnam. fighting side-by-side, with his 19-year-old brother, tom. he got two purple hearts. one when shrapnel ripped open his chest and his brother dragged him to safety. and another, a month later, when hagel himself on fire from a land mine, rescued his brother. but critics are not focusing on hagel's military service. while serving as a republican senator, he angered some in his own party for not backing the troop surge in iraq, not supporting unilateral sanctions against iran. and what some on the hill perceived a lack of support for israel. >> hagel's record is very, very troubling in the nation of israel. he's not been a friend to israel. >> reporter: hagel and the white house says these are misperceptions. with hagel telling his hometown paper, he has unequivocal, total support for israel. but he still has a lot of convin
is doing its part to help the country address the deficit problem by working to implement $487 billion in spending reductions. is that enough, or under secretary hagel should the obama administration be looking to go deeper? >> much deeper, he is a great person to serve with, but he just should go differently on this one. he said you know, we hall lowed out the military budget, after world war ii, and 2, and korean war, we hallowed out the budget after the war. he was bill clinton's budget director in 1993 after the cold war ended. so we stopped saying that. we have had a very strong military. there is room to cut further. we continue to have three ways to destroy the soviet union in a nuclear war. and there is no soviet union, a weaker place called russia. not the equivalent, but we could reduce a danger to america. we continue to have tens of thousands of troops in western europe, so the western people can have of what we spend on the percentage of gdp on their budgets. we should be pulling out of afghanistan more quickly. one thing we have to understand is this. we have a wonderful
global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tells us. >> reporter: president obama made clear today just how important this nomination is for the country. >> my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people. >> reporter: through decades of war and peace, the job of defense secretary has had profound implications. >> if forces to be used, saddam hussein would be removed from power. >> reporter: chuck hagel knows the horrors of war first hand. at 21, a poor kid from nebraska, he volunteered to go to vietnam, fighting side-by-side with his 19-year-old brother, tom. he got two purple hearts. one, when shrapnel ripped open his chest and his brother dragged him to safety. another, a month later, when hagel, himself on fire from a land mine, rescued his brother. >> i was on the left side, where the major blast came up, and i was burned all up and down the left side of my body. so, i grabbed tom first, he was out and he had blood coming out of his ears and nose. and you don't have time to think about, is he dead or alive? >> reporter: but critics are not focusing on hagel's milit
chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: president obama made clear today just how important this nomination is for the country. >> my most solemn obligation is the security of the american people. >> reporter: through decades of war and peace, the job of defense secretary has had profound implications. >> if force is to be used, saddam hussein would be removed from power. >> reporter: chuck hagel the horrors of war first hand. at 21, a poor kid from nebraska, he volunteered to go to vietnam, fighting side by side with his 19-year-old brother tom. he got two purple hearts. one when shrapnel ripped open his chest and his brother dragged him to safety and another a month later when hagel himself on fire from a landmine rescued his brother. >> i was on the left side when the major blast came up and i was burned up and down the left side of my body. i grabbed tom first and he was out and he had blood coming out of his ears and nose and you don't have time to think about is he dead or alive. >> reporter: but critics are not focusing on hagel's military ser
. e number of countries visited as secretary of state. >> a report from washington think tank says obama administration is tougher on immigration enforcement than critics think. staying the administration spent $18 billion on programs run by the immigration and customs enforcement and border0q pro dex. all other agencies spent $14 billion. >> u.s. supreme court will not stop the government funding of embryonic stem cell research stem cell research. the high court refused to hear an appeal from expo two scientists challenging federal funding for the research18jf. lay lower court had thrown out the lawsuit. scientists claim it was violating the dickey wicker law, prohibiting taxpayer financing for work that harms an embryo. >> americans have kept health care spending in check saying the mj care tab stood at $2.7 trillion in 2011, latest year u.s. economy or>÷j 8600 for evy man, woman and child. >> just ahead this is a extraordinary step. the city in the mid west where it's now illegal to own a pit bull. >> looking south ward, we can see clouds and some sun. could there be rain com
supported sanzes against iran backed by a coalition. the u.s. and other countries. president obama sort of in a veiled way referred to this yesterday and his commence in the east room and he said that haggle realizes that america is strongest when it stands with its allies. i will tell you, soledad, the white house feels that although this will no doubt be a tough confirmation process, that hagel will get some really tough questions from republicans and democrats who at this point, many of them holding back on endorsely hagel, the white house and president obama feel when hagel has a chance to answer those questions, he will give good answers, convincing answers, that will get him the support he needs in the process. to that end, it was at least twice yesterday that he was urging congress to move forward quickly with this nomination as well as others on his national security team, these are really imperative roles that need to be filled. >> he is in the unenviable position of being on both sides. thank you, appreciate it. >> we'll talk to senator hagel's former chief of staff, mike butt
to be guided not by the interest of our party or our president, even, but by the interest of our country. host: president obama yesterday when he nominated chuck hegel to head up the defense department. he said we should not be trusting the papers about the vote count quite yet. we will see how the confirmation process shakeout. the president put forth john brennan, a close adviser and friend of his, a counter- terrorism adviser, for heading up the cia. here is what he had to say about john brennan. [video clip]journ >> he has strong analytic inside and keen understanding of the dynamics. given his extensive experience and troubles which include traveling through the arabian peninsula where he can't with tribesmen in the desert, john has an indictable perspective on the culture and politics and economics, the desire for human dignity, driving some much changes in today's world. host: the critics of john brennan like senator john mccain who is the ranking republican on the senate armed services committee put out the statement yesterday about the domination of john brennan -- he plans to examine
obama nominated a uniquely qualified candidate to be secretary of defense. former senator chuck hagel, republican out of nebraska, puts country over party, and is a true independent, an independent thinker who will speak his mind. maybe that's why the republicans are crying foul. president obama nominated senator hagel despite early attempts by hagel critics to sideline the nomination. the president praised hagel for his impressive credentials. >> he is an american patriot. he enlisted in the army and volunteered for vietnam. as a young private and then a sergeant, he served with honor alongside his own brother. when chuck was hit by shrapnel, his brother saved him. when his brother was injured by a mine, chuck risked his life to pull him to safety. >> and there is much more. hagel is a decorated combat veteran and would be the first enlisted man to serve as secretary of defense, as well as the first vietnam veteran to take the post. hagel served on the senate foreign relations committee, and also on the intelligence committee in the senate. he led the veterans administration. he head
working. >>> president obama wants white house anti terrorism chief john brennan to head the cia and chuck hagle is his pick for defense secretary. >> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. >> if confirmed he would replace leon panetta at the pentagon. brennan will fulfill the john patreus left after admitting to an extramarital affair. >> hilly clinton proved -- hillary clinton proved she could take a joke. she spent a few days in the hospital for a blood clot near her brain discovered after she fell she got a jersey with the number 12, the number of countries she visited as secretary of state. >> you think it is cold outside? >> cool. >> paul says it is nothing. >> high-def doppler showing dry conditions because of a big area of high pressure that will move overhead tomorrow, sunshine in 2 afternoon. that l above the gulf of alaska is the source of cold air that will be moving in later this week. >>> a bay area landmark was swept out to sea. [ audio difficulty ] we are all reflections of the people who came
are brewing across the country as number of states sought to block planned parenthood accessing their fund. the obama administration has often stepped in. directly funding the organization itself, o threatening to withhold federal funding unless they refund the decision. >> every time we defund on state level the president steps in and says over my dead body. >> there is a legal battle in texas where the state demanded none of the funding go to planted parenthood and that would leave poor women without healthcare. monday, the human services commission announced it locked in more than enough doctors for the people depended on the planned parenthood for checkups. >> bret: thank you. survivor of the tucson shooting ram page is taking on the gun lobby. gabrielle giffords seds she and astronaut husband mark kelly will raise mup for gun control efforts. giffords was shot in the had in a constituent meeting two years ago. sick people were killed. high-ranking nra official will attend a meeting of vice president biden gun task force this week. president obama asked biden's group to provide recomme
be approved by the u.s. senate. now this report. >> with his second term soon to begin, president obama is putting the finishing touches to his national security team. introducing the men that he wants to lead the pentagon and the cia. >> these two leaders have dedicated their lives to protect our country. i urge the senate to confirm them as soon as possible. >> both nominees face difficult questions before they are confirmed in the u.s. senate. table seems perfect for the pentagon. a decorated combat veteran in vietnam and a former republican senator from nebraska. some conservatives say that he is not strong enough supporter of israel, even though he voted many times to send billions of dollars in u.s. financial aid. >> i will do my best for our country and those i represent at the pentagon, and for all our citizens. a john brenan is a long time administration officials spent 25 years in the cia. >> if confirmed as director, i will make it my mission to ensure that the cia has the tools its needs to keep our nation safe and that its work always reflects the liberties, the freedoms, a
elect president barack obama, who has been so good for women across the country. it was pretty clear this election was about women. it was about women candidates. it was about women donors we heard a lot of women's issues, some in a way i would prefer not to hear about, and we sure heard a lot about women voters who made these decisions. there's been a lot of talk about this new democratic coalition, the winning coalition of young people, hispanics, and women. kind of like that coalition. think that's a great coalition. but women want to keep -- women are not just a voting bloc or subset of the population. they are 51% of the population, that's a majority. and less than 55% of women voted for president obama. there was an 18-point gender gap in this election, and for every unmarried woman who voted for romney two of them voted for obama. this is the change that we're seeing, and women weren't just the deciders in 2012. they will decide for elections to come. they're going to decide who holds the power in this country. and from our research from election night and all of our electoral
appointment will improve relations between the two countries. that's probably not going to go over well here where lawmakers and the president are gearing up for a fight. president obama announced his picks for the next heads of the pentagon and the cia. now they need congressional approval before they can get to work. >> we need to get moving quickly on this. >> reporter: senator chuck hagel is nominee for secretary of defense. a former enlisted man and vietnam vet, the president says hagel can relate personallyto america's troops. >> to this day, chuck bears the scars and the shrapnel from battles he fought in our name. >> reporter: but winning confirmation won't be easy. some of hagel's former senate colleagues call him hostile toward israel and soft on iran. >> i'm waiting for an explanation. i want him to make the case as to why he should be the secretary of defense. >> reporter: confirmation hearings here on capitol hill are expected to be easier for another nominee, john brennan, the president's pick to head the cia. still, looking at his 25 years at the spy agen
. the man from tunisia has to stay near the country's capital in case the court needs him. >>> 6:17. president obama is urging congress to act quickly and confirm his nominee for secretary of defense and cia director. yesterday he introduced john brennan as the nominee to head the cia and introduced republican chuck hagel a vietnam veteran and former u.s. senator as his pick for defense secretary. he would replace leon panetta who is eager to return to his monterey county home. >> the time has come for me to return to my wife sylvia, our three sons, their families, our six grandchildren and my walnut farm. [ laughter ] >> dealing with a different set of nuts. [ laughter ] >> well, he still has a sense of humor. it could be a little bit of a wait. some of hagel's fellow republicans plan to oppose his nomination. >>> he won the lottery but didn't live long enough to spend it. police say a chicago man was poisoned after he got the winning ticket. a second look at urooj khan's autopsy reveals lethal levels of sigh night. chan died the day afte
barack obama introduced the new picks for defense secretary and cia director. >> these two have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. >> in hagel, our troops see a decorated combat veteran of character and strength, on of their own. >> as the terrorism advisor, brennan was the point man. he's a 25 veteran of the cia and served under republican and democratic. >> this would be the greatest privilege as well as the great greatest responsibility. >> both men have critics. an international study says senators should ask about future plans for the pentagon. >> there's a tendency to look backwards. it's much more important for them to be looking forward. >> outside the white house, the antiwar group protested the cia nomination questioning his ties to enhanced interrogation techniques used during the bush administration. the president needs the senate's approval for both picks. the president says he hopes the senate acts promptly on his nominations. at the white house, danielle, cbs 5. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is back at w
of the instability in the country, but really blaming the united states in its civilian contracts, its redevelopment contracts, for fostering a lot of the corruption in the country. so this is the environment in which president obama and president karzai will be meeting, trying to hammer out some agreement. on the other hand, president karzai would probably be well served by a larger u.s. presence in afghanistan because the more u.s. troops you have there, the more afghan soldiers they're going to train, the better equipped the afghan force is going to be. so again, this is going to be a really tough set of negotiations to see where that number falls. i can tell you, just in the last day or a couple days, i'm hearing more and more that that 6,000 figure is way more likely than that 10,000 figure. >> i suppose either way, numbers of troops is one thing, amounts of money is another. afghan military we've helped bill up cost way more than the afghan government is able to afford, it's billions of dollars still have to go in. >> reporter: yeah. they're owing to have downsize the military. they were build
gains rate, obama defended that. that is one of the big things. that is warren buffett and rich friends. this is disingenuous but the country should be rising up. >> neil: they are not rising up. >> i think this is because it's going to explode. somebody is going to say, my grandchildren and children, this is moral issue being kicked down the road. these people will not deal with it and the republican handling of this was let me just put it this way, just about as stupid as i have ever seen in my lifetime. only matched by what they did the year before. >> neil: well put. happy new year. >> did any of you the streamliner. another nightmare. all safe. but why are so many plain scared? ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. >>. >> shep: on aj increasingly prayer, boeing running into turbulence with the new dream liner to from a fire to a fuel leak today. it's looking scary. d
are as a country and where we are as a movement. >> what happens when you have a chicago teachers strike is obama turns his back on him? when you have the bailout of the auto industry, they crush the u.a.w. i think that obama like clinton is a figure who essentially serves corporate interests but speaks if the tradition language of liberalism. there is hardly a campaign promise from 2008 that barack obama hasn't broken including supporting unions and raising the minimum wage. i think that that goes back to the point that it's the engines of corporate power that drive the political process and the economic process. the personal narrative of barack obama is irrelevant. that's why there is such continuity, whether it is i am purely war, assault on civil -- imperial war, assault on civil liberties, failure to curb wall street from bush to obama. those who actually decide and we just went through a 2.5 billion electoral charade are not in the white house. in terms of build a movement, yes, you're right. all of those activities have to be done and they are being done. but they're being done on a push -
of the militia groups that may have been involved are very, very strong in that country. there's been a lot of criticism, you know, that president obama promised during the campaign to bring the killers of ambassador chris stevens to justice. obviously that hasn't happened yet. even though these are very different attacks, when you look back historically, the attack on the "uss cole" took about two years to get an arrest in that case. khalid sheikh mohammed was arrested about a year after the attacks on september 11th. so sometimes those arrests and investigations do take time, but one prime factor is the fact that they are just not getting a whole lot of help from a libyan government that is doing a lot of fighting with some of these militia's internally. >> chris lawrence reporting live from the pentagon this morning. >>> it looks like television dramas are going dark as more hit shows use violence and gore to grab you. so why do we have to feed our need for violence? we'll talk about that. ♪ [ male announcer ] born from the elements, destined to take them over. ♪ the sirius xm satell
of an easier ride than the rest of the country. anyway. >> okay. >> greta: stand by, gentlemen. >> much more with conscience. >> greta: this is a fox news alert, president obama is expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack blue as the-- jack lew, a source telling all, but a done deal, an announcement by the end of this week as treasury secretary. and nominated chuck hagel as defense secretary and the treasury secretary nomination would round out the president's cabinet and stay with fox news channel for the latest on this breaking news story. and straight ahead, a shocking rape case that's ripping apart a small town. the accused two high school football players and now disturbing video has gone viral and inciting outrage across the nation. that's next. new information tonight about that infamous map showing where gun owners live and the new outrage. the latest against the newspaper that published it. on the record tracking down the publisher coming up. watch out warren buffett, bill gates and even oprah winfrey, someone is calling for your heads. who got caught on camera suggestin
going to have to disagree with you on labor. it is a spent force in this country. you look at the chicago teachers strike if the had to break with a traditional democratic establishment as embodied by rahm emanuel and barack obama as less traditional leader and the outside the mechanisms of power to respond. but leader is fighting in action if you look at the although bailout which i mentioned earlier in order for the bailout to go through, they had to accept a decline in salaries from the older workers, from about $76 an hour to 50 and it had to agree the other plans to hire new workers at $14 an hour and had to agree that it wouldn't strike. if it struck all of the bailout money would have to be repaid. so while the democratic establishment hold up the industry this continued assault against the of devotee of organized labor what is left of it to protect the working class. >> okay. microphone on the right. >> my name is bill lewis and i am a member of occupied boston. i've worked with that gentleman making a lot of malaise in the streets. i had a couple of comments and th
-raising parity with the republicans. when obama ran in 2008, he got more. i look at other countries like germany. the labor party in germany never pulled more than 5%, but it is a counterweight, force to protect labor. the reason i supported ralph nader and voted green is not because i believe anyone is going to win, but ralph is right. we need to build five, 10, 15 million people who begin to put pressure on the democratic party from the other side. this policy of voting for the least worst, voting in elections were the primary emotion is fear of the other. it is fear that homosexual couples will teach your children in kindergarten, whatever wacky idea that have. romney was a corporate -- where did obamacare come from? it was first put in practice by romney in massachusetts and then it was adopted by the obama. it is a completely faux the date. it is part of resistance, but not enough. i actually agree with your. and the work you are doing, and when i talk about a sport, high and not sitting at home watching c-span awaiting for a spark. but i think that we cannot get demoralized with numbers, a
the man who helped shape president obama's concept that with a combination of drones, cyber warfare, special forces you can actually go out and defend america's interest without staying inside countries, without trying to rewire them. but i think that you'll find that both these men, both mr. brennan and chuck hagel, are coming in at exactly the moment when the light footprint strategy has begun to hit some real resistance. the u.s. has not figured out how to intervene in syria in an effective way, it's obviously run into some difficulties in sort of the end of its cyber campaign for now in iran or at least we think it has. and so the question is whether or not these two men working together can sort of forge some very new and different ways. for hagel it's a particularly complex issue because he's got to figure out a way to cut the pentagon budget, something he has been very clear has been bloated. this is something that don rumsfeld tried and failed to do. it's something that bob gates tried and failed to do in any serious way. and now, given the budget pressures, this is going to
the country's tried to take, the government's tried to take a big step forward, under the clinton administration and then under the first year of the obama adminiration. and each time the senate killed it. >> yeah. but the key thing there is that each time both the clinton administration and the obama administration tried to do this it was essentially a top-down, inside the beltway strategy. we are going after and trying to cajole and convince and persuade the members of the senate and the house to pass this legislation without first engaging the broad public and building a citizens movement, a issue public as i talked about before that was actually demanding change. because in the end politicians care about their job. and if they don't feel like there's a political price to pay for opposing action on climate change or alternatively a political opportunity to be had by being a leader on this issue, it's very easy for them to say, "you know what? i've got a lot of other things here on my plate to deal with. i've got lots of lobbyists coming into my office as well as people back hom
office, he has been working for one of the top conservative think tanks in the country, the heritage foundation. now mr. addington has gotten a big promotion there. he is going to lead the foundation for legal and judicial studies, focusing apparently on president obama having too much executive power. mr. addington says the obama administration has made some, quote, questionable steps. and so the conservative movement has installed its most famous and perhaps most extreme modern advocate of unlimited executive power for the presidency as the lunch monitor watching for this presidency ex-earthing too much executive power now that bush is gone and there is a new guy in town. but hey, it appears to be new project season in washington, where if you are a certain political persuasion, being wrong never lasts long. >> whatever else you can say about this war, let me just make my point, we don't need to refight the whole history of vietnam. >> that is the danger of saddam. >> it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. this is going to be a two-month war, not an eight-year war. >>
washington being dysfunctional. if in two years the country wants to elect, you know, a completely democratic house that will agree with everything that the obama administration wants, then we'll do that and we'll electric more democratic senators, the democrats can control the house, the senate and the white house and we'll give the president a rubber stamp on everything and washington will be totally fixed and we'll live in this great, great european country. so maybe it will go that way. but if it doesn't go that way and it's not washington, it's the people that send these representatives to washington who disagree with -- there's a 50/50 people split in this country of people who love entitlements because they're people on the receiving end and there's people on the other side who is funding everything. i don't know. i don't know whether it's a broken washington or we're just at a crossroads in the way the republic is governed and we have to make a decision as a country which way we head. >> right. that's definitely a lot of the ltage. there's still a lot of assets on the other side of th
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